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Deadline for 2023-2025 Cohort: February 23, 2024

Application available:

Graduate Education at UC Davis

Graduate Studies at UC Davis includes more than 100 dynamic degree programs and a diverse and interactive student body from around the world. Known for our state-of-the-art research facilities, productive laboratories and progressive spirit – UC Davis offers collaborative and interdisciplinary curricula through graduate groups and designated emphasis options – bringing students and faculty of different academic  disciplines together to address real-world challenges.

UC Davis master's and doctoral graduates become leaders in their fields – researchers, teachers, politicians, mentors and entrepreneurs. Graduates go on to guide, define and impact change within our global community. UC Davis graduates can be found throughout the world, making an impact in professions that affect all aspects of our lives from our health, environment and culture to even what we eat and drink. Students benefit from a wide range of academic and extracurricular programs, an interdisciplinary research community involved in local and global issues, and an abundance of opportunities to lead and make an impact on society. UC Davis offers students the experiences to discover what matters to them and to succeed after graduation.

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Graduate Application Fee Waiver

A graduate application fee of $135 (U.S. applicants) or $155 (international applicants) is required from all applicants. Applicants who choose to apply to more than one graduate program must pay an application fee for each program. The application fee is not refundable.

UC Davis Graduate Studies offers application fee waivers to applicants who have participated in or are affiliated with one or more of twenty-six Graduate Preparation Programs including UC LEADS. See these Steps for Applying for the list of all eligible Grad Prep Programs. You will be asked to include the name of your UC LEADS Program Director/Coordinator on the application.

AB540 and Undocumented Students

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) estimates a total of 900 undocumented students across the 10 UC campuses, of which graduate students constitute a small percentage of those students. UC Davis acknowledges the barriers undocumented students face and is committed to providing students' access to all levels of higher education that includes AB 540 and undocumented students. New legislation provides the opportunity to admit and fund both AB 540 and specific undocumented graduate students.

UC Davis AB 540 & Undocumented Student Center

Built on the foundation of educational equity and opportunity, the AB540 and Undocumented Student Center at UC Davis strives to empower undocumented students, their families and members of the community in being informed leaders and active participants in our communities. The Center strives to educate and build awareness of changing policies affecting California's undocumented population. We acknowledge that immigration status is one aspect of an individual’s identity that does not solely define a person or their capacity. We promote a holistic approach to recruitment and retention of students in higher education, taking into account a student’s mental, emotional, and financial well-being.

AB540 and Undocumented Student Center at UC Davis Tour Video

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