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Mary Lopez Isidro, UC LEADS 2017-2019, UC Santa Barbara

Mary Lopez Isidro

May 9, 2019

UC LEADS has allowed me to be a part of an amazing research experience full of invaluable knowledge and mentorship. I am truly grateful to be a part of UC LEADS. It has allowed me to meet other driven individuals that are passionate for science. My research project is the perfect combination of topics. I study viruses, which are amazing little cell hackers, and CRISPR-Cas, a new technology that has the power to answer a wide spectrum of questions. My goal is to help answer questions pertinent to the medical field, that can help treat patients. I would also like to go back to the community I grew up in and encourage young kids to go to college and maybe even pursue a career in STEM. I hope to go back and volunteer at an elementary school and do science experiments that will get kids excited about science.